Thru These Tears


I hope you'd be vanished and become dust in my memories,
But live happily in my reality.

I hope I'd no longer see you in the crowd,
And see the look of a stranger in your eyes.

I hope I'd never need to hope for things when it comes to you anymore,
And I won't think about you anymore.

For You


I told myself to be cold,
Never wanted to break the ice,
With this, either trust or heart could be saved,
If I chose to be cold.

I told myself to keep everything within me, only,
Never allowed anyone to come close, this time,
I wouldn't need longer days to heal me,
If I chose to be cold, even if I didn't shine.

But then you came along, stood there with that smile.
Many smiled that way, but none was captivating,
Like you, today.

The way you made me giggle,
The crushed trust from the past was rekindled,
I forgot about the ongoing plan,
That soon would only lay on the sand,
Taken away into the sea, with that I knew it;
With everything you got, you melted the ice.

The heat of your sunshine was overwhelming,
You reached out to me in no time it's unpredictable,
Unexpected, and amusing.

From afar I noticed just how much of a beauty you are,
With that nails and slender fingers,
Your shyness and sometimes I could hear you laugh,
Unnoticed, but today I could feel it&…