They said people ain't gonna be there when you're in the dark phase,
That should be how I learnt to not trust people in the face,
But seemed like I never got the lesson,
Ended up always being enough with the surface.

They said time ain't gonna let you break, it heals you,
That's why I tried to stick everything back together, until I ran out of glue.
Until my face turned blue.
Ended up always letting the time to swallow everything.

When I should be the one to fix myself.
When I should be the one to realise.
When I,
Am the only one who is still stuck in the past.



Thank you,

For your clapping hands and support yesterday,
They really made my day, as I walked away.

Thank you,
For your smiles
And bright glittery eyes,
For the footsteps you carved along with mine, they shine.

This is why I'm afraid to open up and let people come in,
I love too deep and I feel too deep.
And once I fall, feels like an abyss, but suddenly there's a concrete end.
The pain can never be said, only to be felt.