Common Denominator


Remember the first time I saw you,
Under that one shady tree, or was it just a shrub?
I thought it was everlasting, a remarkable place,
But recently I noticed that spot was empty.

Empty, it was replaceable after all.
Just like us.

I recalled back the little things about you,

Remember each and every time I bumped into you,
I couldn't handle the adrenaline rush and quickly hid myself,
It was obvious, and stupid for sure.
But recently I knew I felt nothing.

Nothing, it faded away after all.
After years.

It was the first eid and it was my birthday,
Looking back at those times you never wished all by yourself.
While I never missed every 13th of January.
But you were nice and sweet enough to reach me out through someone else.
You were, my favourite.

It was flawless,
We were blind after all.

That beige jeans, black sweater,
Last row in the bus, mcflurry, potato chips,
Cold night, colourful lights on the trees,

It was clear. You meant most of the things for me back then.

Start Again


You seemed strong on the outside,
Your shoulders were broad,
With your straight back,
You stepped out in full confidence.

But just like others, sometimes you're trying to find ways to hide your insecurities.
Sometimes your stand was shaken by the people around you.
Sometimes you didn't even know yourself.
Sometimes you felt useless,
You were no good.

I had always liked you, and the way you spoke.
How you could pick up beautiful words and didn't sound bad,
Even though the things you were to say wouldn't be pleasing to others,
You said the truth without hurting, at least you tried.

I had always liked to convince you, you're doing just fine.
In fact you're doing so good and so perfect in my eyes.
But the things from my view weren't something so convincing,
You would need better, and others'.

You're going to face another phase of life,
So good luck with that.

I hope people around you will care for you.
I hope someone will ask you whether…