One Month


It has been so long since the last I knew about you.
Since the last cold air we breathed, since the last time I felt trouble because of you,
Since the last day I knew it would never last, alhamdulillah.

Months have gone by, before our own eyes.
But the look on your face is still vivid in these eyes of mine.
The memoirs you gave me are still playing in this mind of mine.
The pain I once felt is still here, but it's slowly fading.

I still want to know about you, even the story we once wrote has been buried deep down I don't know where.
I still want you to know and notice sometimes, but I think you've slowly forgotten that I was there.
And you did wait for one season.

I still want to know the truth behind those twisted views you drew me.
Even though people around told me it was too far in the past I shouldn't dig in.

You made it seemed so special.
It's not that I longed for the same as her,

I don't know.

Maybe all I ever need is one explanatio…

One Ok Rock - Notes'n'Words


I had nothing to offer you,
My arms weren't long enough to reach you,
My eyes weren't clear enough to see through you,

My words seemed like they could never convince you to stay.

I ain't rich too.
I ain't the one that could attract you too.
I ain't somebody that could stand in the eyes of the world.

My everything seemed nothing to you.

But if some days you were feeling tired,
I would offer you some drinks so your throat wouldn't be all dried up.

If some days you were feeling broken,
I would try to give you things you would need to mend your soul.

If some days you were feeling worthless,
I would give you the looks of admiration.

If some days you decided to leave 'cause you had had enough,
Once again I would try to say the words that I really meant,

But as always,
My words seemed like they could never convince you to stay.

But it's okay, if it's me.

It has always been like this. If it's me.