The morning was cold,
It's unusual.
It was completely different than the other mornings I had ever lived through.

I doubted myself in that pink suit,
I didn't think I was ready to swim the whole day, alone.

It was now or never,
But it's not that I could refuse and run away from it.
I knew I had to do this.

That day would decide, whether it was the last time I would be setting my foot there,
Or in the future, those buildings and pipes would be seeing me again.
Well, if you ask me what did I imagine on that morning,

There were two scenes; I failed and I succeeded.

I failed the 'jalan raya' test.

I wasn't even ready to drive myself on any road in this world.
And Allah knows best.

The Lost Piece


Convincing myself everything about you is totally gone,
Could never be solid enough.
It all ended up becoming just lies.

And I had known it all along.

Setting up a whole new me in mind,
I wished I was all clean and new.
I wished I could erase everything and turn into someone new.

I knew I had to stop.
Flashing back those tapes of life a few years ago,
Talking about those things that had been happening around,
Writing pieces,

Those, would always bring me back to the thought of you.