MFS - Missing You


You have always been like that,
I didn't remember any kicks or punches from you,
But believe me it hurt every time I recalled your face,
Pressed against the red and blue mini tent.
I'm sorry I kicked you in the face back then.

We both were scolded later on.

All of those messages of mine you read,
It's okay, you're forgiven the second I knew about it,
Because as far as I remember,

You were there beside me when the room was pitch black,
You read ujang with me when we both were scared to sleep,
Then papa came we quickly hided ourselves in that thin blanket.

You were so eager to give me a ride on papa's motorcycle.
Then we went to pasar bukit payong together.
We didn't really have needs there, but I guess you really liked to travel around squeezing the handles.
Then we watched naruto together while eating snacks we bought from the pasar.

We would play that anime fighting game, was it Street Fighter?
I would always win in every round, by pressing any…

MFS - Love Letter



You are one of the blessings Allah has given to me.
Allah has given so much to me, yet I do so many wrongs.

I told Allah a lot about you,
Every question I had wanted to ask you myself,
I asked Him instead. And sometimes in every page I found myself knowing the answers.

That one evening I couldn't bring myself to stand up.
Even the air I breathed felt different.
My favourite meal tasted different, it was like my tongue was numb.
All of me was in what state until today I don't know.

I have always wanted the best for you.
Then I mentioned your name to Him that evening,
The tears rushed down my cheeks I was speechless myself.
It was like, the name you're holding symbolised something.

It was always the evening.

Even the thought of you managed to push me to the edge.
I saw you leave and I couldn't see anything no more.
My vision was blurred my tears went out I didn't know when to stop.

Evening air once again heard me saying your name to Him…