Don't worry, you're looking good.


You're looking great.

Approaching you was everything I wanted to do.
But it seemed like there's no way for me to jump to your side.

Alhamdulillah, I didn't know when it was,
But suddenly, we became, kinda close.

I liked to tell you everything I could.
You held from the smallest to the biggest fear, love that I could ever feel.

I loved it when your eyes sparkled,
As your ears were giving their best to make sure you wouldn't skip,
Even a word that I uttered.

Those lines of words that came out along with your sweet voice,
Were the ones that I wanted to hear the most.

That day we met,
I was worried,
There's nothing left for me to tell you,
As we had decided to move forward.

I felt hurt,
You were standing in front of me,

But it felt like you were thousands miles away from me.



Back then I had always known you'd be there.
Whenever I needed you.
Wherever I looked for you.

Back then I had always taken your presence for granted.
Because I believed you would always stay.

Because I believed,
We were meant together.

Each time we crossed the same line,
Each time we looked at each other's eyes,
Whether we talked or not,
At the end of the day,
I would always find a way to you.

You had always been a home to me,
Whenever home was far away.

As time flew,
Clouds moved,
Weathers changed,

The string that used to tie us together had gone a long way.

Sometimes the thought of you come to my mind,
I try to reach out to you,
But then things are keeping me busy,
Or I'm just too lazy.

Sometimes I would like to see you,
Because sometimes I do miss you.
But most of the times,
I would be doing just fine.