Come here and I will take you to my favourite spot,
And I hope you'll like it too

Holding your hands while walking,
You know, I have always thought I have no social quota.
But these days sometimes facing people tires me out.
No, it's not the people. It's the feelings.
If only I could stop them for a while and feel nothing when words are breaking my bones.
But without feelings I couldn't feel you.

Come here and I will take you to anywhere you want to go,
With some money let's take trains and come back at midnight.
I will show you more arts and masterpieces,
And we're going to fill up my galleries.

Looking at you while talking,
You know, these days have been hard.
Sometimes something feels so wrong but I don't know what it is.
But maybe I know. As talking about it might be hurt, let's forget about this.

Come here and let's have shinjuku once again.
I really like cakes and sweet things, as much as you like those doughnuts.
I will buy yo…

High Hopes


I knew I was damaging myself even more,
I wanted to feel the pain until I couldn't feel a thing anymore,
But throughout this whole journey I learned that I wasn't bulletproof,
It was painful, my friends believed me.

But today would become the day where you're no longer in my life,
I said my goodbyes in tears watching you leave,
But we knew inside it was the best.

You were the ghost haunting me at nights,
But tonight I could finally have one real sleep without the lingering of your laughs.
If only I could stay, but it was actually if only I could be normal again.
Staying would mean dying for me, my friends believed me.

I was hoping for the upcoming days to see me becoming someone new,
Someone so fresh and I would start from zero, again.

You could always have my shoulders,
And cry all you want,
I would try to be there for you.
So tonight, it's okay to be fragile and I would still see you in my eyes.