The sound of trains and luggage tyres,
You waited for the eyes to meet,
Expressing feelings and confusion inside.

I could see you beside the convenient store,
Trying so hard not to be bothered by your presence.

Your bones broke, the lungs were struck by your ribcage.
Your people told me something about you had changed,
You became colder.

The crowd didn't stop me from noticing you, in that black shirt.
You smiled. I told you to come with me,
You waited for these eyes to meet yours, once again.
They tried hard to run away from your gaze.

You fell into pieces.
Your people told me to be gone.

The times you wanted these eyes to be honest,
I hoped for you to understand.
But you clearly didn't want to.

And that was the end.

- 7 Minutes

Strange Nights


It might be the pictures of you she showed to the world,
And it might be the useless regret I still could bear in this chest.
Or it might be,
The truth about us I'd been trying to hide.

I could feel you so close to me.
We talked non-stop about everything and anything.
I felt so comfortable around you,
Yellow and orange painted the canvas,
Our names were written on it.

I found it to be strange,
But it was you and me, in my dream.
I found it to be strange,
But it was just a dream.