My Favourite


I miss you.

You're the best, for making time for me even though you're busy.
Even though you're not doing so well but those open arms,
And the warmth of your sweet smile,
I wish I could see you now and cry my eyes out beside you.

No one can beat you, you're one in a million,
And amazingly irreplaceable.
Those wise sayings, and the way you tried to help me see the truth,
It's hurtful for not being able to look into your eyes while knowing you listen,
While knowing you're trying to always be there for me.

I'm so fortunate to have you, and know you.
So lucky to be able to love and be loved by such a sweet soul.
So blessed to know people like you actually exist and he's here.
So close but so far away.



Did you know how beautiful your eyes were,
When they stared at mine,
Along with those small talks and stories we shared,
Slowly, I watched the brown colour fade away.
So did the awe it left.

I liked to look at you from afar,
You'd walk with confidence,
But in my arms you'd melt with insecurities,
Saying you're such a mess I'd then say you're the perfect kind of mess,
My kind of mess.
Slowly, I let you go far away from me, remember all those nice words you once heard me whispered,
Those were the last.

I loved the times we were together,
No sunrise and sunset,
Just you and me, and the feelings we now had lost.

I was proud of you, and proud of myself for loving you.
Proud of us, we made this far.

"You're my all and more,
All I know you taught me,
You're my all and more,
But I need room to breathe,"

- Lauv, Breathe