Let me see you again, in my daylights and moonlights,
Like how it used to be, Remember?
Let's take an early morning walk, again. Breathing in the cold fresh air, while admiring your gaze towards those flowers. I have always told you, everything about you is beautiful. Remember?
Let me take trains with you again, to somewhere I'll take you as my lead, Tell me anywhere you want to go, and this time, I'll be with you. I will, be there for you. 
Let's sit on the red chair once again.  If it is late at night this time I won't talk about my sleep.  Tell me anything about you. How your day was. Your struggles on the day. Your restless rest in the evening.  This time I'll listen. 
Let's eat nasi goreng kampung and telur mata once again. This time it's my treat. 
Anything. Please let me see you once again. And smile me that smile I've been missing. 
Come back to me. 

F4 - For You


I'll take you to my favourite bakery in town,
And have you to take two out of the four egg tarts which I usually buy only for myself,
And let you say anything about those of my favourite,
And for you I'm willing to listen.

And hey,

I'll drive you to your favourite spot in town,
And buy you any other caps that suit you,
Or if I'm rich enough I'd buy the whole store for you,
Because everything looks good on you believe me,
And for you I'm willing to like them.

I'll pick for you any football jerseys including those out of this town,
And not that I mind if you keep wearing the yellow and the red one,
But I like it best if you're in that light blue,
And for you I'll leave it only here.