Like a firefly,
You shone every alley during my darkest days,
Leaving me traces of hope, whispered to me to always go on,
And don't be stupid.

Like a firefly,
I was afraid you might go away,
I could never make one stay after all,
But in those days I thought none would get me,
You're there. I felt the warmth of your light,
Blinding every eye.

You seemed to know me well.
You could go through every page of me and perceived every of me perfectly.
Have we ever met before this?
You made me feel like we were meant to be together since the first moment our feet set place in this world.
Once again what was this chemistry between us?

The damp grass was heated, slowly as the sun rose before my eyes.
Even so, would you stay with me?



I'm sorry.
We became like this.
I'm sorry.

I never thought this day would eventually come,
The day, where you would no longer look at my way,
Like those days.
You would no longer call out for me, search for me,
Just when you thought you needed me, when no one else would be by your side.

I wasn't a life saver. All I ever did was sitting next to you and trying my best to enjoy my meal,
While listening to your rants.
Most of the times I didn't know what to say.
But sometimes I did try to say things I thought would be nice for you,
You see. I did try to make you feel, if not better, just good.
I hoped for you to feel good, even for a moment. Thinking that, at least, you had me with you.

Some days my head was so full of you. I couldn't find solutions to your problems.
Even if I found some, they were impossible and a little bit illogical.
You see. I got you in my mind for nights and days.

I'm sorry.
For not being able to look at you the same way I had…