Never Realize

Takpernah sedar tapi tahu dunia ni dah majuuu
tapi benang baju mundur
eh apa ni tak senonoh

When I was in primary school
I didnt know how to er .. what ? sisih lengan pelbagai blablablas
Lipat tudung ala ala muslimah muncung boleh membunuh takut nak didekati orang aaa ?
the juniors did both  ! AAAA ! they did ! did did did

I admit it *lift up my hands in the air say yeyeyehhhh*
I am quite dissapointed because I cant wear shawl like the others and follow the flow of the fashion nowadays
they look beautiful and so gorgeous

I was amazed when I saw those girls in their iridescent shawls a few days ago arghfufuufufuufuuf
takperlu kagum
my little white heart always says "wear anything that can keep you safe from the burning fire of Neraka"
nerves send it to brain
my body moves like a jagger


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