One night

My tears came out 78256 times last night
And I felt like I am the most stupid bitch in this world
As I ran towards the black Viva
And it was drove towards me
Then bammmmmmmmp


Forget it man
He doesn't even know that you're waiting for him since 2010
He doesn't even know that you love him
He doesn't want to know everything about you

Those tears won't fly away to him
And whisper something
Something like "Go die go die go die"
They will form a very big black cloud
And it will haunt you if you give up
If you give up
This morning is a life
As I woke up and there's you
Sitting on the bench
At the park where we used to be there
Where we used to make some stupid jokes and then we laughed
Where we used to hold each others' hand
Where I used to look at your face
And smiled

"Goodbye Greyjustchanbieb"

Big Bang- Blue

U smile I smile


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