A Yesterday Was A Day


Alhamdulillah,best raya tahun ni
Biarpun aku baru beraya kelmarin ngeh hehehe

Where did I go ?
Hajar's house !
Yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Firstly,it's kinda creepy as her cousin's house is just stone's throw away from her house
And I remember
Everytime I want to go there,my father will drive his car and we don't notice her house and when I say 'Pa,terlajok ni..tu rumah Hajar' and my father will stop in front of her cousin's big house. Wawaw
Yesterday I was like 'Ohhhhhhh Ya Allah,this is his house...'
And I was releaved then,my father didn't ask me to walk from there to Hajar's house
Alhamdulillah for everything

And when I reached Hajar's house
Again I was stucked because of her gate.
I didn't even know and remember how to open it
And again
I was stucked and burned with the sun

And blablablablablablabla

We had our breakfast together
For me it was the second one heheheheeee
We had a ping-pong game
It was toooo amazing since I had to go over the kitchen and there and there just because I had to catch the ball

Then we had a badminton game
We played twice
First stage: With Hajar
Second stage: With Aisyah

And when the ashes flew over us
And fell beside me
I was like
'Ohh Grey........is this for me?!'

 I won't forget this


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