Eid and Free


Last Thursday Sahut had a day
A wowzie day
And I was like 'Huuu uuuu huuu uuuu ..ohyeeeeaahhh...tomorrow.....made my day uuuuu..'
As Aspura and Aspura were like 'Oh man we're thirsty no water here maaannn...'
I slept at Liyana's house for a night
and it was Alhamdulillah,awesome

Wa punya tema : Black
Lain lain : dia olang punya suka

So here's the day

I was kinda wow in the morning
Because well I always do something that is kinda weird and funny,maybe ?
We had some jokes and then had to sing some songs
Well,Merdeka Raya

 Le me,Atiqa and Liyana
 Here's Maisarah and I
 With le twin *left:Adlina right:Aqilah
Ukhwah Fillah

I carried my pinkish passport everywhere
And everyone's question was like 'Oh semangak nyoo ?'

Alhamdulillah for everything
And thanks for Maisarah

Nurul Adlina is here


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