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Trios + Me



"Ya Allah
You have granted my wish
Alhamdulillah !"

I can write anything on this plain white monitor a-like
Besides about you boy in beige jeans a-like
I like you a lot
A lot

"What you give,you get it back one day"

Someone says
I've got it
But I want it to be last
Yeah babe,we both wanted it to be last a few years ago

I'm trying to kick it
Ayark! .___.
Oh,you see
Its angel alike face is coming towards me


This is a post about you hahahahahahahha
lvl 900000+

Love towards me heh
I don't know what was happening .Haks,vice-versa act I don't know too,why was Mai acting like a taiko #3 #4 An extravaganza I don't know what the meaning is



So tears were my last word
But they never stop

I've got you as a princess in my life
You're looking great in that green life
Even though we both know that it sucks
But we've got it,so we've to make it beautiful
Being someone that everyone hates in a school,is kinda fun actually
Your compasses will be sabotaged
Same goes to your chair
Smile always and we should say Alhamdulillah

Even we aren't living in a same dorm
Man you are behaving like we are a roommate
It is utterly .. awesome

Sorry my honeybunny
If I hit you with my tounge's sword

For being cut and dried


You used to say that I'm a great girl
Saint and what so ever
But for me

"She is,sometimes sucks,but looking cute,and she's kind,and maybe always willing to die because of us.."

Saranghae Le Us May Allah bless us,InsyaALLAH

Begin Again

It's a title of a song actually


Howwawyou ?
Well me Im fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine Alhamdulillah

Just like the last posts
About meey and ma life

Sahut is normal,anyway
Its water was kinda creepy
But we could make it through Alhamdulillah

And me?
Im stucked
Both of them make it hard to breathe
My friends are all awesome just like some power rangers
And I've missed someone
Someone who shouldn't be missed
Someone who broke her heart
Heyyeah he broke my friend's heart hardly
Bad man
It was very bad

Young man
You rock my world

*Le us walked around Sahut on a Friday morning I was euphobia and it's hard to be expressed

Aigoo again


Wa balik

It is fading now
And I don't know why
But Allah knows why

This September
Is quite challenging
Well I've met some people,were born on 10th Sept just like me
I was quite dissappointed
Yelah I want to be the only one who was born on that wowzie day wakakakaka

Liyana gave me a pair of handgut
It is RM10.00 I think
Well she bought it from Tok Indera 3,as far as I concerned
Syukran Ya Ukhti

And I've learned something

Curiousity kills the cat
Her curiousity killed her on that day
But it didn't remain
Alhamdulillah,I was glad

As usual
When I touch them
See him
I will feel something
But haru haru,and now,I don't feel the same
It will be gone soon

"'Cause whenever,U smile,I smile"