Aigoo again


Wa balik

It is fading now
And I don't know why
But Allah knows why

This September
Is quite challenging
Well I've met some people,were born on 10th Sept just like me
I was quite dissappointed
Yelah I want to be the only one who was born on that wowzie day wakakakaka

Liyana gave me a pair of handgut
It is RM10.00 I think
Well she bought it from Tok Indera 3,as far as I concerned
Syukran Ya Ukhti

And I've learned something

Curiousity kills the cat
Her curiousity killed her on that day
But it didn't remain
Alhamdulillah,I was glad

As usual
When I touch them
See him
I will feel something
But haru haru,and now,I don't feel the same
It will be gone soon

"'Cause whenever,U smile,I smile"


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