A day


So I went to Aisyah's house yesterday
And it made my day

"Pa,gi rumah Aisyah hari ni ?"
"Pukul berapa?"
"Entah,ikut papa le.."

So I called Aisyah as I had decided to go to her house after some blackmails from her , kidding

"Aisyah gi ngaji,pukul 12.00 nanti InsyaAllah dia balik.."

I told my papa,about the time and blablabla
Then after I took my first bath on that day,picking some clothes and

"Kakak!Siap dah?"

We went there by papa's kancil
As usual,I will feel anxious,because I dont even sure where is the road to her house and then Alhamdulillah,everything went better

We went for a walk
For a ride actually

"Weh Irfan!Pinjam basikal!" - Aisyah

I dont sure what was Irfan's reply but I know it was something like yes
So we went to a shop ? Maybe .
Bought some Milos and then Aisyah rode the bicycle while I was at her back hiding my pain
Then we reached Anaqiah's house
It rained
Aisyah and I was like

"Oh Ya Allah!Gano ni terrr ?!Umi saye maroh kekgi!"
"Dok tau!Cabut jeahh!"

Then we cabuted
Our bicycle,err there was a boy borrowing it so we ran quickly in the rain
Macam pengembara seyh !
Then Anaqiah's mom called us back and we just had to turn back and stayed at her house just for a second hehe
We planned to run away then after we got our bicycle
Then when we got it Alhamdulillah .. hapelaeh... cabut !

Then we met this lil boy with his siblings
He screamed something loudly and we gave him some replies until maybe their mother came out

"Cabut Aisyah!!!!!!"

Then we laughed like idiots
It was fun though we had to face many things
Many .
Fool .
Things .

I had so much fun
When it was night
We went to PSI
Bought a comic
A chewing gum
Got no discount

Here I am

le us


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