You will always make anyone proud of your life
Your attitude
Your ways
Your softness
Your style
Will be on the top of my list
And will always be like that
In shaa Allah

Im an Arabic learner
There're too much that I dont know
And you make it lesser than always

Im freaking in a freak like situation with someone that has something to do with your DNA
And you tell me to wake up and try anything to make it under my control remote
So I wont fall harder

You like him and for me you're kinda complicated
And the beating
Were so swift
But Im really really sorry
I couldnt solve this matter because you solved mine
I just could tell you to calm down
And I really couldnt get it to your heart
It was hard girl

I didnt mean to let you down all by yourself
It was just some stories and I was busy doing my favourites
'Till I couldnt give you any replies but treacherous hopes

You are too kind
Both of your hands were holding their hands
But the gun was on your head
You didnt know it
Until you saved them

It was
A good thing for a very extremely good friend like you
And I couldnt do it for you

You know how to play your role well
Until you dont know how to manage yours well
You know their mood well
And you will do anything to fix them
But yours are dying

You are just
Too kind
Too soft
Too mind about others
So you let yourself all alone

About him
You should let it there
Until the temperature of the mood is decreasing
Then you will have so many choices to choose
Some of them are
You forget him
Forget your feeling and build a new life
Or do whatever you want to
But I really really really want you to save yourself
Please dont hurt yourself again
If he does like someone else
Just,let it be
Dont you ever mind their own bussiness if you know you will be hurted by them
Just please dont make any excuses to greet him or whatever
If he treats you like you are nothing
Just listen to me
Dont hurt your soul if you know you will be hurted 

Try to ask them why they are sad or having a bad day
If they ask you to talk to their hands
Kick everything and leave them alone
Everyone has a hard time
And own style to solve it
If they are hard
Dont be a brick in front of them
Or else they will make you break
Tell them you are really sorry
When you know they are fine
Make everything becomes normal again
Just tighten the bond a little bit
Just like us ? In shaa Allah

Im sorry
But this is special for you

There's no objective by putting both of them here


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