We went to Kuantan
Yesterday LOL
And I was like
POPULARRRRRR ale ale ale aaa

Then I bursted through the front door of Popular and
Sorry but East Coast doesnt have Popular LOL
But it has something more awesome than Popular about comics only
I dont even remember its name because I was dazzled with all of the comics and I saw
So Alhamdulillah I bought it and I also bought another comic
A common one for me

I had some money and wanted to buy a lot
A lot of comics
But I just bought two because I thought Mega Mall ..
Has Popular just like KB Mall
Why KB Mall ?
Because KB Mall is so cool and it has a special shelf for comics only
And I was like

"Oh Ya Allah ! Banyak nyoooo bankrup aku sat gi"

This is KB Mall part :

I saw Bisikan Paradoks and I was like
Wow Bisikan Paradoks I want it I want it I want it
But as usual
Hard to choose and hard to lose
Then I picked another comics
Man it was so hard to choose because all of them were sooooo sooo extremely utterly superly awwww
So I found a Bisikan Paradoks that had no plastic cover on it and I took the chance to read it
Just the beginner
And I was like Yeah man others are better
I got no Bisikan Paradoks

Yesterday and today
My brother asked me for a Bisikan Paradoks and man we didnt found any of it
Limited edition maybe ?
Maybe .

Then I just have three comics
My target is four
Or maybe more than ten lmfao
Alhamdulillah for everything

Im sorry but Im more "ceek ceek" than you hahahaha you should watch Adventure Time

And it was the moment I knew


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