It is a hope


Aisyah and her family will leave me soon
And alah just for a while
When we've got our cellphones and some credits
Some feelings
Some stories
Some jokes
Some sadness
Some things
Just throw them away
We will in shaa Allah

I cant lie to myself
I dont even know what I have to do
And I am like Ottoke ?
An abstract thing
That you cant see but you can feel
That people always tell it is a mooorrrroooonn ridiculous funny thing
Is haunting me
Very well

I keep telling everyone it has gone to somewhere else
Even the shiny reddish small heart keep yelling because it hurts
It hurts me
Deep inside of me
Like Cinderella
When she was facing the twist of her time
And there was a new Fairy Tail Of Cinderella
Man it was soooo awesome tak tengok lagi lol

You see
When I was having a long conversation with her
And we were lying on the bed
Whilst half of our heads were lying on the bed
Talked about me and I told her some stories
Blabla and bla
And she told me that a person like me

"Is really,really,madly in a freak situation or it means love .."

What on earth is this ?

Have a nice trip on the plane Aisyah and Hajar


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