My heartbeat


I am talking about you
Yeah you

Who has a beautiful smile
I seldom meet you
But my love for you is doing well
I feel the warmth of it
It is increasing
Haru haru

We seldom talk
Seldom chat
To hear your voice is kinda impossible
I still remember the last time we talked
I was smiling widely
Didnt notice who was passing by
Just keep hearing your voice
Flying through the vaccuum

It has been 2 years ? months
My love is still burning well
And now
Right now
How are you doing ?
You used to say that you need me
You used to say that I am something to you
I am something in your life
Something that you can't live without
Again how are you ?
I bet you are doing just fine Alhamdulillah
Without me
Without a chat with me

To say it was easy,wasnt it honey ?
I dont say that you made some promises
But you did say something
Something that made me feel I was everything for you

I am sorry
Sorry for being rude
Sorry for those late replies
You did send me some messages
I know you love me
And I want you to know
That I love you too

EH ?


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