nost all gia


So I've found some photos of  le me and my bestfriends

 Being some busy bodies lol
 weirdo ?
 Our Ustaz Yazi 
 You see,Aneeq was kinda sleepy,maybe lol 
 Le me at the back,haha 
There were Aiman,Arrasyid,Amin,AJ and Hariz 
 Le me like a boss
 Cute little Aisyah and Ibah and Arissa
Miss them
 Le me with a face
There were Hajar and Athilah
Arif was in a very high spirit 
 Lol le me at the back was like pburrr
 We were having our lunch maybe
 Le me again,like a boss
Ibah was behaving like a gangster
 Some faces lmfao
 What's wrong with Aisyah here? Lol
 Le us
Yeah 6 Bestari

Ok susah juga update post sambil makan


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