Walllaaweyh ?


She is half weird and half flame
She tries her best to be nice
And there is something in her heart
Would whisper something bad
But she tries her best to keep her mouth shut

She doesnt have many friends
But does have some
People call her The Most Arrogant Girl in her school
But she is half crazy and half shy
She has a communication problem
That not everyone knows
She cant talk properly with strangers even they try to give her some money to buy comics

Her stomach would have some butterflies when someone asked her to ask someone for help or yada yada
She got a weird style of walk
Her eyes would always look at the floor when she is creating some steps
And she would notice if any chewing gums are on it

When she is looking at you
You would see zero smile on her face
And you will hate her

She likes someone badly
She doesnt even why
She likes Justin Bieber but everyone hates him
She likes Taylor Swift but she doesnt even know that there might be some of her friends like her too
She likes The Script but when she shows it,some people might say that she is trying to be someone
She likes The Wanted,just because a song

When you tell her something that might hurt her
She would look at you and you might think that she has a plan to pay back
She doesnt like to pay back or giving blackmails
She knows that there is something better than revenge

I know her well
Do you ?


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