After Some Days


It has been a long time since the first time we met
My heart was cold
Beating fast
Won a racing session
To prove who was the hero

And now
I can't feel the same
But I still like you the way I liked you
And for sure
Maha Suci Allah Yang Membolak-balikkan hati ini
Ya Rabb

I am sure that he is the man that can defeat you
But you are strong enough to have me back
Sometimes .
I feel that he is the one that I want
Pray for the best and for the future
If Allah wills
But as always,
You are cool enough to pull me back to you

And sometimes
I have the hopes that you have given to me
But he gives nothing to me
Some rumours were growing well
Torturing both of my ears
Said that he liked someone else
But we aren't sure
And weren't

And some years
That I have spent some to plant a hope
A hope that whispers you will come back
But my mind tells me if Allah says you aren't the one for me
You aren't the one for me forever

This is a masterpiece 
Useless one
But it could give my heart a break



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