Throw Back 1#


Knowing you was the best thing in my life

I said no
She forced me to know you
Because of love,my love for you grew well

My eyes caught a beautiful man
Oh My Allah
He was so beautiful

The leaves were falling down
Like pieces
Onto the ground
Whilst I was looking at you
My heart couldnt stop
Beating fast

I still can picture it
After all these days .

And I know
It was long

Did some stupid things
Just to know you

Now I have to think twice
Once bitten twice shy

Like another VIP after Big Bang in my life
I just have to
I just have to
Be perfect
Think smart
Do something that can make you think
I don't care if I loose you
Even I do
I do
Really utterly do

Even your hair isn't like the old Justin Bieber's
I still can't get the oxygen right when I see it
Even they said you're not my T.O.P
I still can't get my normal life right and back
When my eyes catch it
Catch the beautiful
Face .

I've never heard the real you
But I just like it
The way it is

The way you are

He can't be you
And will always can't

Because you are the only T that I like
That can make me feel
Im worthless to you


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