When we first met
Both of my cheeks were feelin' hot
I had nothing to say
Just a smile could show I was there

You were understanding
We shared a lot of things
You knew lots about my feelings
And I knew you well too

All praises to Allah

We had talked about this
I had counted my scars
And you got pearls in your mouth

You had taught me many things
You made me survive with your words

When I've grown up
I can't see the same path again
For me everything has changed
I can't even get a bullock cart to chase you

You have gone
Without a single note

Can't you see it ?
Or feel it ?
The space between us is getting bigger and bigger
I have no idea
Where was I when the rockets came to life
And carried you away
Into the alligator sky ?

"Ana uhibbuki fillah abadan abada"

And I won't forget it

We are here
With the same starter


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