White skin
Beautiful eyes
Tall one

He walked alone .
Hands in pockets
His silhouette was looking amazing
Even it didn't have face

Saw beautiful gas
Coming out of his mouth
When he was talking

That night was cold
I could see his hands
Just a few inches more
Mine and his

We went to a cafe
He asked for a hot cappuccino
I was staring at him
Until I dropped a cup of tea
He laughed
While helping me cleaning the mess
He was in red when he laughed
I smiled
Enough for me to show everything

I couldn't get the real topic
Because I was too busy staring at him

He was
So beautiful

"Aisyah? Aisyah? Are you there?"

I was a little bit panicked
Then I saw his smile

"Where were you just now?"
"I was .. at ..... "

He smiled and took my right hand


I was ..

"Hey,come here.."

He took me away with him
His beady eyes were exploring my whole pale face

"It was,..enchanted to meet you Uwais.."
"Aisyah,you could meet me and see me and be with me for the rest of your life.."
"Why ?"

He laughed
I was puzzled
Then the lingering question was answered

"You're my wife,my friend,my everything.."

He whispered them
I was touched
Then he brought me home


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