"Come back here after an hour ! You hear that !"

I continued walking
Pretended to be busy
Holding some money
I had so many places to go

Even my roommate asked me to just go to Jelly Market
But,why should I care ?

Dandellion was big

An hour had left me
My legs weren't at Jelly Market yet
I stopped at a shop
Hmm .
Seemed like a
Reject Shop ?

"Oh hey !"

I was shocked
Met my husband,Rayyan

"Suzanne told me that you were going to ... a market but ?"

I said nothing
I didn't like to see him and
I had bumped into him
I had big pillows beside my ears
I was going to sleep

"Hey,are you hearing me?"

He stopped
I nodded

"I know you aren't,so meet me at my house,after 9 pm.."

He hugged me and gave me a kiss on my forehead
I was like .
Never mind

I went to Jelly Market and grabbed the things that Suzanne wanted
Then I went home

"Thank you,and ... I think you should go upstairs and rest.."

I was going to do the same thing
I knew that she knew that I knew that she knew that Rayyan had showed himself

After 9 pm
I was arguing with my mind
Should I or shouldn't I ?

"As Rayyan is your husband,you should go and meet him.."

Suzanne gave me her respond and
I took my handbag and left

When I arrived at Soghrio 10,Dandellion , I saw him

"Well,I thought that you were sleeping.."
"Now what?"

He smiled and hugged me tight
I made a poker face and told him to let me go

"When will you be my true wife?Huh?"

I zipped my mouth
What a question

"I'm asking you Laila.."
"Okay,here's the thing,I hate you and you hate me,I have Suzanne and you have your own life and could you please just let me go,for forever.."

His face changed
I was free
Then I decided to leave
He grabbed my arm

"Look,I love you more than you know and more than you thought,just believe me.."
"You gave me promises and you let me down!"

I was breaking down

"You gave me all lies and you painted a blue sky for me and you went back and turned it to rain.."

I cried
I just couldn't bear it anymore

"Whatever it is,I know that you're lying!You're lying to everyone!"

He said nothing
Gave me all his ears

"You had me!"

Then I left him
Rayyan Khalil was my husband
Until he had someone as his life partner and the woman was not me

If he wanted me
He had chased me

- Lailatul Qadrina

I will move on 


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