I used to create some adventures with them
Building a raft
Soaring on a rainbow
24 colors were ruining our eyes
They were so beauteous

A disposition had made my day
But never mind
As long as you were there for me

Time has taken you away
We are apart
But I keep you in my heart and my mind
Imagination didn't eat you
But has brought me to you late at night
I could see your face and your teeth
Shining bright

I miss you
Old friends

The face formed in my retina was a same face of yours
Didn't change
But I was worried
I couldn't read your soliloquy
A smile could hide everything
Everyone could give me lies

Don't keep it in yourself
Just let it go
I could take it

Afraid of losing you
I don't want you to hate me
Even in your dreams
Even in our dreams


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