His hair was kinda curly maybe
His eyes
Maybe a little bit big
But he doesn't have the chinese look

I liked him
I didn't know why
Like at the first sight
When the first time I saw him
My eyes caught him with a strange and tiny little thing

And I fell hard
Very bad maannn

There were many stories
I was fine
When he changed
I was puzzled
And I tried to accept and eat everything
People said just live the moment
I was
And I could
In my mind he was a big thing
He was another part of my life
And I thought I needed him so bad

Maha Suci Allah Yang Maha Membolak-balikkan hati

I couldn't give a lie to my hearts
They knew my eyes
They are my friends
They could guess it
It was complicated
He gave me a hope and broke it like his promises
When I was strong enough to face the reality
He came back and gave me everything that I wanted
Then the same thing happened
Again and again

But this time
It was different
I was killed by his words
He was
He was
I didn't know
Did he try to know me well again ?

I didn't get it
I didn't understand
What was the main purpose ?

This thing isn't important Qani'ah

Semuanya tak penting sebenarnya
Tapi bagi aku
Perempuan suka meluah
Moga kita terhindar dari segaja jenis zina dan maksiat


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