When we were


He told me that he would take care of me
He would give his soul if it's needed to save me from anything
He took my hand and gave me his love
He touched my forehead
And said

"I love you forever.."

I was a flying shawty
Part-time one
He said I was beautiful and cute
He was afraid that men would take me away from him
He loved me so much
He told me to stop and stay at home
Waited for him and hugged him when he was tired

I believed .
I loved him so much,too
He was handsome and rich
But I did not care if he was getting older than me
Because I loved him
More than he loved me

I changed my disposition
Because I wanted to keep him as my lover
I started to wear skirts
I did not care if my hair was flying
Because he liked it

"I hate you!!!I hate you Risya!!!We are over!!!"

Everything had stopped
I was flabbergasted
The man I loved
Had gone
He was there a second ago

It was a mistake

When he did not want to see me
On that day
Starting from that black day,
I hated Farish Hakimi
For the rest of my life
And I would not take him back

-Nur Farisya Iman


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