Begin Again 3#


I wouldn't jump into any conclusion
My heart said so
Ottoke ?

You didn't care because you know that I could never
Run away from you
Because you were the other half of my imagination world
You were a king in my so-called palace
You were blabla and blablabla and duhh
You were everything to me

Maybe the song I'm So Sorry,Sylvia in that love novel suits me
Sylvia's story was like mine ?
Maybe yeah ?

It is a lie if I tell you everything was fine
I don't really understand actually
What do I expect from you ?
What do I want from you ?

This is just a small masterpiece
You could break it at some other time
But let me finish this first

Dear man
Are you really using a Xperia ?
Is it Arsenal or Chelsea ?
But as far as I have known
It is the blue one
Do you really like green and blue ?
Just like me ?
But as far as I have known
You didn't like Justin Bieber that much
You wanted me to be happy with our so-called-same interests

Ya akhi
I really want to know everything about the new you
How are you now ?
What is your new interest ?
Who are the new you now ?

Everything has changed

Oh Ya Allah
May we be best friends until Jannah Ya Allah
May we love each other just because of You
InshaAllah <3


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