Sebuah Hikayat 2#


Well I'm so sorry
The first one was kinda creepy
Huuh whuuuuttt ?
It was funny a little bit ridiculous
I bet you didn't understand
Ehhh you did .
A little ?
Some of them,maybe huh ?

10th December 2013
Was a big date for me
It was raining cats and dogs
And my heart kept pushing my breath
I breathed hardly mannn
Haha no .

The starter was kinda bad
I had no idea how to get to Aneeq's house
Alhamdulillah Allah helped us
Me and my bff Aisyah went there by a car
Yes her aunt's car
But I felt really wrong

We were worried about the guests
Would they come ?
Would they come in with the rain ?
Then Allah helped us
Allah helped us all the way
Allah helped us in every second of our lives

There were many people
We made a loud wind with our voice
The birthday girl was there but we didn't sing a birthday song for her
I was confused,too
But then I knew something
A reality of the moment

It was the biggest reunion of ours

And I hope we would plan a special one
In the future inshaAllah

Sorry I got no pictures


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