Sebuah Pertalian


We are from everywhere
The backgrounds are different
Our faces aren't the same faces
Our head,mind and everything
We aren't the same person

A lot of human

Well I've known many different people
When I was 13
And now I'll be leaving my 15
But I guess I won't leave those people behind me
When I was 12
Yeah people do leave sometimes
But those memories I guess won't easily fade away
Yeah some people do leave as easily as they did
Yeah some people in my life do
Especially that one person
Maybe huh ?

I'm that kind of girl
Easy to know but hard to forget
Easy to love but hard to let 'em go
Hard to hate

It's not easy for me
To let us go
After all of those memories
That we had created

You were the best friend of mine
Or maybe I was of yours
You are but I was
Really ?
I don't know
It's up to you


Semoga pertalian kita kekal selama-lamanya,bro

- 2013,Kiran .

 Us in Langkawi


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