Even though I seldom see you in His house
But you always give me something
Something for my spirit
For me Deen

Although you are not an Ustaz
Dad,you always have them as your friends

You have always waited for me
Although you are tired
But you stayed at the canteen waiting for your little girl
With her big bag and her granny-style
When I said sorry,you smiled at me and said

"It's okay .. not a big deal .. "

You always convince me
That you are strong
You can be the Hulk when I ask you to be
You can give me everything I want
You are willing to burden yourself
Just for your children

Even though you said that you wouldn't help us
If we cause any problems with our small mind
But when it comes to things involving your children
You turn into a Superman
And save us

I'm really sorry
For putting some burden on your shoulders
For making you tired
And force you to wait for me alone at the canteen
Because I was too lazy to pack my things at those nights

Thank you for everything


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