It's Me


Hmm .
Hi again

Aku pun tak tahu kenapa
Tapi aku selalu diserang rasa ingin menulis
Tentang kau
Kau yang serba hitam hari itu
Eh aku pun pakai warna yang sama hihi

Bukan aku tak patah dan sakit
Malah keadaan sekarang agak parah
Tapi itulah
You've always been the best in my eyes

Even though you've ignored me for our own life
It feels like
It's always you
Who takes my soul away
Who can give me an endless pain bi iznillah

We have nothing left
And you don't even know that I'm breaking
Because you don't care
And want to live a life without hurting me anymore
But it hurts you know
It's too painful

I used to drive myself to our pasts
When I was 12 and you were younger than me whatt?!!
Haha it was impossible for me
But yeah I'm breaking lol

It is my fault actually
It is my problem now
Not yours anymore

Someone said every girl has their own guy that they can't easily forget
And in this girl's life
It has always been you
I don't even know why
Yeah man it has always been you

Alah serabut betul hakuu

Inilah manusia
Selalu mengharap benda yang tidak patut

Untuk kau Q
Allah setia dengan cintaNya
Kenapa kau cari orang lain juga ?


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