I miss you

Although I was scared to death
Whenever you were around when we were doing our practice
But it was good to have you
Because you would have your eyes on us
And you would find our mistakes
And we tried to fix them together

You were funny
You used to make me laugh
And made me shy
You used to laugh
And I knew your way of laughing very well

You were very nice
You have a golden heart
When I was sick and was too weak
You gave me Milo drink
And some bread
So that I would have some energy
And so that
I could stand up again

You are one of a kind
Although I was dying to make sure that I wouldn't bump into you
The truth was
I wanted to be your favourite
And wanted to make you feel that
I was sporting and could do everything that you wanted me to

I am truly sorry Madam
I disappointed you
I let you down
And was too cheeky

I love you

And I hope you will live a beautiful life
With Allah in your heart
With Rasulullah SAW in your heart
With Iman and Deen in your whole life
With your husband
And I am hoping
The best for you

May Allah bless you always Madam
May Allah always protect
And love you


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