Remembering your black songkok
I saw it above there
There were you
Hiding with some friends
Just to take a look on me
That was

Remembering your half face
Because I used to see it
Didn't have strength and chance
To see its full look
What a nice view
And it was yours

Remembering the first time I saw you
I never thought
That these years would be very tough for me
For some parts of myself
Because I have known you

Remembering those jokes
And your words
You are really bizarre and weird
And people would not believe that it was you
And I don't want to believe it
It was you

And people would say
It is useless now
Because if I have you now
Like my old days
It is a big mistake for me
And a wrong-doing
Yeah it is

But I couldn't stand it
There are some memories
That always pop out in my mind
And they are bringing me closer
To my childhood

It is very hard for me
To accept the reality
And stop going to those illusions

I know that this is very wrong
But let me write my feelings


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