Ehemm .
Allahuakbar .

Let me be honest

Dear my sunshine and my heavy raindrops
I hope what I've been thinking and guessing about you
Is the truth of your life and soul
Because every single time I look at your funny fake face
I feel like you are stabbing me with your ignorance
Yeah I know ignorance is a bliss
But your ignorance for me just tearing me apart

Stop hoping for me to come back to you
You are nothing for me since
Since the last time you were everything to me
Go away will you ?
Stop disturbing me because I don't want you no more
I want is no more you in my life
Don't you get it ?
Yes I'm treating you with this silence because
I don't want to treat you good no more

Why did you give me hopes ?

I'm not giving you a single hope no more today
So please step out of my life
Don't blame me for this

Yes it's my fault
I'm the one who is hunting for our pasts
There's no more us in your book
But there's you in my books

Get rid of me,will you ?
Please understand
I don't want you to be hurt
But you are acting like a kid
Who wants to be burnt
Stop messing around

Messing around ?
I never know that having this kind of feeling
For you
Is just a fun game
And I look like a girl
Who's messing around
With some blood on my chest

Will you ?
If people don't want you
It means people don't want you
I don't want you
I have my own life and feelings
I can't just focus on you
The one that
Means nothing for me
You are not the one
Who I've been wanting to see everyday
You are not the one for me
And I'm just
Not the one for you


*tears falling*

I've forgotten that
Allah knows what is best for us

Now we have to remember
Past is past
Now we live the present
Forget me,okay ?

You have forgotten me


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