This is the first for you
Yeah you

We met when everything was new in our life
We didn't know each other
And I guessed
My first class was your second

You were once a small guy
Kinda short
But your face remains the same look
I could play back this one memory
The moment when you took your face to your left
And a little bit of your behind site
And your eyes were on me
Well I caught you
But your intention was to know your classmates
I guessed

We had our first year there
I seldom talked to you
Because I had no needs to do it

I was trapped in my own feelings
And he was in my mind
And I couldn't let him go away

Time flew
And we had our second and third year
At the same place

And today
Everything has changed
You are above me
And we seldom meet
Well that's okay
Because we have no needs to bump into each other

But then one day
Myself convinced me that
You were something
You were someone
That was too ridiculous
And ultimately wrong

I'm sorry for falling for you

Because of Allah
The true love of our life
I don't want to keep this
This is illegal

Allah is the one
Allah is the one and only
Please don't let me go further away from You
If I have nobody
It's okay because I still have you Ya Rabb
But if I have everybody
But I don't have you
Then I'm nothing

Without Allah,we're nothing


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