The One That Got Away


Dear my love in the red suit
Now I'm missing you so much

The first stage of me without you
Was the hardest moment ever
Even though you were in my eyes
Lying in front of me
But I just couldn't talk to you anymore
You closed your eyes
And showed me signs that you didn't want me to approach you
And we knew
It would never be simple and easy
Never a clean-break
No one could save me
Except Allah

I tried to accept my loss
I tried to eat the faith
But we knew
I was on my way to eat some thorns
I had already lost you my dear

Allah took you away from me
For some reasons
For my own good
I'm very sure about this
But Ya Rabbi
I was too weak

In my old days
I told myself
I could never imagine what would it be
If I live a world without you
And now
I am living my life without you

I won't blame her for this
Because it wasn't her fault

The moment when she told me about us
Only Allah knew
That my heart was breaking
And it was putting some pressure on my chest
And with some tears that were already on my cheeks
I gave them some more them

I told her it's fine
I was fine
And tried to act like
You were nothing in my whole mind
And life
But the major problem was
You completed some of me

Allah took you away from me
Because you might take me further away from Him
I believe in Allah's plan
Because He is the Best Planner

"Kita kena redha dengan ketentuan Allah.."
"Sebab apa ?.."
"Kerana Allah itu Maha Bijaksana
Lagi Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat hamba-hambaNya
Allah tentukan sesuatu
Sudah pasti ada sebab dan hikmah yang tertentu"

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