Story Of My Life

"Did you see your face when she entered our class?Haha!You were nervous seyh!"

I smiled
Even though I was standing outside of their class
I could . Still . Hear every single word that came out from his friend's mouth 

Did you like me ?

Then everything changed 

Ruhiel I'm deeply in love with you - Zidane

I was shocked
Was that , a confession ?

I accepted you

"I love you to the moon and back Ruhiel,please stay with me?Forever ?"

I nodded
You gave me a smile
Said that all of you are special for me
Me,your one and only girl

Then time flew

"You've been very busy lately honey.."
"Yes I am busy,I won't come for lunch today,can you please pick up our kids later?I have an urgent meeting when their school is over .."

Once again
I nodded

"Mom,where is daddy ?"

I took my daughter's hand
And put it on my chest

"Daddy is here,in my heart sweetie .. He is working,and he is a busy man,extra busy man.."

You had changed

You said you would be the best husband in the world for me
You said you would take care of me with all of your heart
You said you would love me for forever
You said ,

"My love for you Ruhiel,will surely last,for forever.."

You lied to me

"I'm so sorry Ruhiel,I just .. I just can't be with you anymore.."

Our kids saw my tears
I cried like a crazy woman
I hit your chest

"What's wrong with you Zidane ? You told me you love me !You told me you would love me for forever!For the rest of your life!"
"People change,Ruhiel!People change!So do I!I have no more love for you!"

Then you left us
You divorced me 

Two years later
I heard you have married your girl 
Congrats !

"Ruhiel ? Is that you?"

I turned around

"Hey,remember me ?Your ex-husband? Muhammad Zidane?Where are our kids?How are they ?"

I smiled

"Because of Allah,I force myself to be strong,Zidane..I remember you and our kids are all fine without you.."

You gave me a smile

"Look,can we start it all over again ? I know that I don't love Jasmine anymore,we have nothing left .. every night I hope when I look at the empty space beside me in my bed,I will see you again,Ruhiel .. I love you .. "
"Will you be my wife,for this second time ?Please,I'm sorry,I really need you.."

Are you kidding me Zidane?
Hah I've been marrying the perfect guy after a year you divorced me 
And now I'm happy with him

My nightmare 

- Ruhiel Aidan 


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