Are We Out Of The Woods ?


All I ever wanted was being free
From you Sir

I had been trapped in my own life
And in your whole shadow
Living with these feelings
Being blacklisted by you Sir
But actually you didn't even care

They were proud of me Fal
They said I was loyal
And my loyalty towards you were eating me slowly
Like I was a plate of rare food in Adventure Time
Ehh ?

Then I saw someone
I guessed I would ask help from him
Then without a know
We've agreed to help me
I used him as my medium to set you free
As we couldn't take the overload heat

Then I was
Kind of free

But then
Once again I am trapped
But this is more painful
Because you are so close

You are way too close Zeeq

Ottoke Zeeq?
Just ottoke ?

I want to be honest
But I know my honesty won't work very well
Because everything will be bizarre
And the air between us will be much painful for me to take

I know
You could guess me
But you aren't so sure about this

Can I give you a song?
Taylor Swift- Out Of The Woods


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