Ya Rabb

He caught my retinas
He got my attention
I've fallen for everything that he has
This story is .

I don't know what is wrong
And when did it go wrong
And I know this is wrong
But Allah
His magnetic force is too

Pulling me like I'm experiencing free-fall in a broken lift
Tearing me slowly like I'm a piece of thick paper
Breaking me
Like I'm heartless

I know
He doesn't mean to treat me like this
I know
He doesn't even know
The truth of what's happening
What's killing me
What's burdening me
What's it

He doesn't even know
And I can't blame him for this

It's just
I'm to weak
To glue my legs
And resist everything
That is pushing me
And forcing me to fall

And now I've fallen
And no one wants to catch me


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