But Sometimes

It has been years
And maybe you can forget
But I can't
And maybe you can stay calm and have a cup of tea
But I can't
Nahh just kidding
InshaAllah I can

But sometimes
I thought about you

I don't want to write about you anymore
But sometimes
My blog would stay alive because of you
Because those posts have you in them
Because you have given me a lot
A lot to be remembered

But sometimes
I have had enough
I am sick of it
I am sick of my own feelings

But sometimes
It's nice to play back all of those scenes
They are all funny
And childish
But it was me
And there were you

When there is an unknown number
Gives me texts
And not mentioning its name
I would always hope that it is you

But sometimes
I am sure it is impossible
We have gone this far
And it's good to be far

You know Fal
Sometimes I give you signs
Help you to know that
I'm still alive
But I guess you won't bother
You don't have to


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