He will leave me
Sooner or later
He will

Well brotha
Knowing you and having you are Allah's blessings for me
Even though you don't have the Justin Bieber look
Or Austin Mahone's or his look but
You got your own look and that's fine
Well at least I've known that you got your own fan club mwahaha

We were like a pair of twins in our old days
Even though we aren't born with the same gender
But our clothes used to be utterly same
From the colours,and those patterns
They were  a like

You are kind
I used to kick your face when I was little
And then you wanted to pay back
But you just couldn't

You used to make some jokes
And I would laugh out loud
Because you were so funny

And when we were little
We used to play games with our old friends in Benta
And then slowly,one by one moved away
And those days couldn't be brighter anymore without all of them

And then we grew up
Your friends used to make fun of me
Calling me with an inappropriate name
It was sucks
I hated them
And I knew the master mind behind this violence was you

You aren't a block-head
Yet you are our brainy dude
You used to get flying colours results
And poeple would be proud of you

And now you are a grown-up
You got some hairs on your chin
And you said that you want to keep them
And take a good care of them
I know that you are nice
And have a pure heart

But yeah sometimes we fall down
And sometimes we are on top

Congrates big brotha
Your little sister will always wanting the best for you


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