Lately I've been throwing myself to my pasts
Well when I was 12 it was quite rare
And one of a kind
The last straw maybe ? InshaAllah

So now
The topic is
Much hurting maybe ?
Maybe . Nahh

Seven Shuter
Dear Shuterians

This evening,I took one of our notebooks
And then read some notes about us
And there were some drawings that I made
Those cartoons for me,were not so nice
But I guessed I drew them with my heart

We were so close
I was almost so sure that I couldn't live without all of you by my side
Humairah you pampered me like a little baby
I guessed you were willing to give up your life just because of me
You lighted up my days
And I loved you so much

Then Izza used to hold my hand tightly
Like she never wanted to let me go
We were an incredible couple,remember ?
And I loved you so much

Maisarah was a weirdo
Although there were sometimes we disliked your dispositions
Yet we loved you so much
And I love you so much babe

She moved away earlier than we thought
It was tragic
But I didn't get ample time to create a love empire with her name on it
But I loved her

I don't want to write about you
There are abundance of words for you

Whereever you are
And who you are now
The title "best friends" won't fade away I guess

And honestly
I miss you guys
Even though everything has changed
And we are totally apart right now
But I hope
This ukhwah stays forever
Because of Allah inshaAllah

"Tidak masuk syurga si pemutus silaturahim"


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