" Besar dah kau sekarang,ya? ..

Rasa macam
Baru semalam kau berseluar biru gelap
Dan berlari di koridor kelas

Rasa macam
Aku baru kenal kau tahun lepas
Jarak 2010 dan 2014
Bukanlah dekat

It has been 4 years
Since the first year we met

I'm sorry for writing this post
I just want to tell you about this

I admit that I was over the line
I was . Kind of .
Wanting everything too much
Yet you were totally different
Then I was stabbed and hurt
Just because of me

I admit that it wasn't easy for me
But then now I can say
All of these things
Were some sort of
A childish moment
They weren't important I guess
But as I couldn't think of any ideas
I just could assume that
I was big enough for this issue

Then actually
12 was just a small number

In every year
I would wait for 13 January
And I didn't know why
I knew it was a waste
Hey happy birthday

And as time flies
Now Alhamdulillah
I can let it flies away from me
And I can accept it
If you have gone away
And forgetting me
And those invisible polaroids

You are going to be a real man from now on
Be a good hafeez
Be a good son
Be a good muslim


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