Long Live


I know you wouldn't be a partisan leader
But there are some of us
Have been one without they even realized it
Allah will help us

I've told ya
I have abundance of words for you

Thanks for being a good shadow
Since forever
I guess there's no one who can beat you
You're my forever line
Would always be a part of me
Would always have the biggest space in my life

It's you
The one and only you

We used to fight
I just wanted you to be mine
And locked you in my world

I knew even a bird wanted freedom
But I didn't want to set you free
And you knew why
I was a jerk back then

I'm sorry
For being a big disaster in your life

Sometimes I know that you're tired
But then I would blind myself
Telling everyone that you are fine

I was childish
We used to fight over a small thing
And it's ridiculous
But that's what we called childish
Right ?

Laugh out loud
You could be rolling on the floor
If you want to

I don't have a sister
And then Allah gives you to me
So that you can fill the blank space
Now there's no more blank space

I know I'm not the one who can make you feel better
With all of those sweet words and poems
But trust me
I can give you my attention
Even though you don't have my eyes and heart
But just know that I would put some effort
So that I can hold your back

Remember when you helped me calling my crush ?
We were in the toilet
You were excited and all over the moon
I was a bit nervous
But hey
You got me,right ?

You were the one who would always support me
You wanted me to stand beside him
But you know what
I would rather stand tough beside you
At least you can grab my hands when gravity is pulling me

I love you
Appa of Yae Sung
My another part of Itou Junji
My 9Gag partner
My everything


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