When we were both young
And were so naive
We used to go to some food and drinks stalls
And we would buy some sweets and I would prefer chewing gums more
And I would point at that 7Up Lemon bottle
And that kind auntie would help me to have it

And then we would sit by the school
By the busy road
And felt the wind
Produced by those vehicles
And if I'm not mistaken,we pretended that we were at Pulau Pangkor
That was ridiculous seriously

We used to make some jokes
And laughed because of them
They were utterly funny
Felt like my tummy was very itchy so I laughed even harder
And sometimes it was hard for me to stop

We used to play with Aiman
He was funny
Ustaz Rock , there he went

We used to go back home late in the evening
We liked to stay back at the school
And did something unbeneficial

To be honest I miss you
I miss you so much
I miss you badly


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