Old Days

When we were young
We used to walk together
And you would do some ridiculous things
And I couldn't fathom them

When it was holiday
We would kill our ennui together by watching some movies
Whilst we were having our reunion
A mini one

You used to speak something funny
And I used to be afraid of your changing

And now
You've completely changed,maybe ?

I used to type
And gave you hints that I was hurt by the new you
I thought that you've forgotten me
Then you told me
You would always be my friend
No matter what

No matter what bro

I know
People change
And I know
I can't expect you to stay the same for the whole life

But I just want you to stay in my life

And don't forget my

I've tried some ways to reach you
But until now,
I don't even get a reply
You have me wrapped around your finger


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