It hurts to know that you can move on
Without me by your side
Because I love you

It tears me apart
Whenever I see you are laughing with your friends
And I'm no longer included

I hope you still remember
The moments when we were holding hands
And you could feel the beat of my heart
And you told me that you wouldn't let me being hurt
By anyone
By anything

When the water was running so slow
And I couldn't bear it anymore
I came to your arms and cried
Rolled on the floor
And you told me to calm down

"Everything's gonna be alright soon,be patient honey,"

You wouldn't like it
When you had to leave me for some reasonable reasons
And you left me a note

"Neol saranghae~,"

I know that I've hurt you
And maybe those scars are still there
But I'm sorry
I'm really extremely utterly asking for your forgiveness


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