Short Story


But sometimes I miss her
The mom of my children

"You have to be a good husband,I leave my Rhumaisha to you,"

I nodded with a smile
Yes dad !
I would make Rhumaisha the luckiest wife ever in this world


We lived as husband and wife like what I had been wanted to
We were all over the moon
If before our marriage she seemed so dull and boring (that's what people said)
And I couldn't even see her face because of her niqab
But now
She could make me feel like I was a king
I was everything to her

Now I could admit that she was a beauty
She was perfect
From her hair to her toes
Everything seemed so fine to me

When she was an expectant wife
I was being utterly busy with my work
But when I came back from work
With her big tummy,she would smile at me
And greeted me as always
She would never fail to make me feel I was cherished

But then I started to come home late at night
At first I was tearing apart when I saw her laying on the sofa
Tired of being waiting for me to come back to her arms
But then
Everything changed
I met Rose,good-looking lass
And I didn't why
I was willing to fall in love with her
Whilst Rhumaisha was pregnant and carrying my twins

And then one day
Rhumaisha told me that she was feeling the contraction

But I didn't want to care
I was busy with my work
And that Rose

I didn't come home on that day
I slept in my office
Might be because I didn't want to face Rhumaisha

The next morning,I got a phone call
It was my father-in-law

"Yes dad .."

I could hear his voice
Bearing a huge drop of tears

"Where are"

I could feel my heart was beating fast
I hoped dad wouldn't find out that I neglected his daughter

"Emm,at home dad,with Rhumaisha..what's wrong?"

I asked him,politely

"You have fail,son!You have fail!You can't take a good care of Rhumaisha!!"

Beep beep

It seemed like
He didn't want to talk to me anymore

I was puzzled


Dear Zayn,I'm sorry for being a reckless wife 
I couldn't take a good care of myself
When you are busy with your work
I'm so sorry
I hope you will take a good care of Daniel and Dian

I hope Rose can be a good wife for you
And a good mother for our twins

I cried

It hurt so much
Without having a chance to see her fighting for our twins
Without having a chance to hold her hand
And support her with all of my heart

Now Rhumaisha has gone
And I'm sure that
No one can replace her
No one

"Daddy,mom came into my dream last night,"
"She told me she loves me,and lil sister.."

Said Daniel
How I miss Rhumaisha

Tears roll down my cheeks

"She didn't mention my name,Daniel?"



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