Someone Out There


Dear a lass
Do you still remember me ?
A friend from underground
Who would put her legs on the ground
And hated Merry-Go-Round as much as she could

It's impossible for you to forget me
I sat right next to you in the class today haha

Remembering the first moment when we became friends
I didn't notice that you're weird
For me you're just my new friend
That I loved
And never wanted you to be hurt
I didn't even know why

Everyone had their own mouths
So did you
You weren't a sweet talker
But sometimes you killed me by your words
I knew you didn't know how to make beautiful lines and promises
Because you were a pure lass
With a clean heart

It would never be a clean-break
When we were fighting
I still remember the day when you told me
I came to Musolla just to see your cousin
And then I cried hardly
I saw your bitter face
I guessed you were feeling so wrong
Because you had wronged me
But I couldn't bear those tears
I just couldn't stand it

Remembering your words
You were regretting your action
Introducing me to your cousin
That was .
Kind of funny but hey
Allah wanted me to know him
For some reasons right ?

Although there are some people
Who dislike you
And giving some comments about your disposition
But for me my star,
You are fine with the way you are

But of course my sweets and candies
Sometimes we have to look at ourselves
What's wrong with us ?
And try to change the our own bad side

For the sake of Allah

- Hajar Najwa,2014


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