I guess I could never fathom her
She is adorable
But sometimes she just has to fight the urge to kill someone
She almost killed me in the other day

I guess I could never hate her
She likes Nutella
But hates Cadbury
It's very hard for her to smile
But she knows she has to smile
Because smiling is a Sunnah

I guess no one could ever replace her
Taylor Swift is much prettier than her
But for me she is the apple of my eyes
The one and only
For me she is the most good looking girl ever
In this whole wide world

And now I just want to sing 5SOS-I Miss You
Whilst looking into her eyes

I guess she never knows how much I love her
Because she has never looked at me once
She would never notice me
She would never know those flowers were mine
And I gave them all to her

- Zidane


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