The One I Know


Taller than me
As she walks by
Some boys will black out
Some girls will back off
While there are some others who feel insecure

The first time I met her
I admitted that she was a beauty
And then some of my classmates wanted to get in the line
Well I didn't know what was next
But as I had guessed,
She pushed them away

Rejected .

Then I knew
She wasn't that type of girl
Who would use her face and kill some guys
She didn't even take a glance on them

I seldom talked to her
As we weren't too close
And I wasn't her classmate
Or her dorm mate

But some of my friends were a big part of her class
I would see her smile and the way she spoke
From her hair to her feet
All that I could conclude was,

Perfect .

Even though her imperfection was perfect

Was she a human or what ?
Heh of course she was normal and only a human
But she was one of a kind

It's hard to find a complex organism like her

And now
It's not a rare view if you see me sitting next to her
It's not an awkward thing if you see her laughing beside me

I can talk to her
And make her giggles

And sometimes I wonder
Will this bond last forever ?

Then I am sure

If this bond has a basic called "Lillah"
Then inshaAllah
Allah will let us be friends for forever
Until Jannah
If Allah wills


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