Only You know
How was the break-down
I didn't cry
But my soul did

It was hard for me
It was painful

Am I nothing for you ?

Either you were lying or not
It was okay
Allah knew it better than us
Then I will leave it to Allah

But please help me Ya Rabb
To think good
To stay calm
And do the thing called Husnudzon
Even it's hard

I'm nothing like some stars
Compared to all of you
I'm nothing like a beauty
Compared to all of them
I'm nothing like the fans of some famous bands
Compared to all of you

I'm just me
Me myself
Who has been liking someone for years
Who has been trapped by her own feelings since the first day I was born
Who loves Taylor Swift,Justin Bieber and 5 Seconds of Summer
Who loves to read comics
And a fanatic fan of Siti Rosmizah
Who has an ordinary face
With two eyebags
And my lips dries
I have no beautiful personality
But I am sure that I have a heart
Even it is not as pure as yours
Even I have lots of sins and only Allah knows them
Even I'm not in your standard
I do love all of you
For the sake of Allah inshaAllah
I do .

To be honest it breaks my heart
It tears me apart

And you .
I should press the pause button


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