Around Me


I never realize this
But then,it keeps showing itself in front of me
Sometimes I would think about it
But then life keeps dragging me out of it

And now
I would like to speak about you

Allah loves us
And Allah loves you so much
That's why you are carrying a goliath thing on your back
And feel like it's killing you day by day

You want to give up
But then you know what,
Because of Him,
Your knees can bear everything
You can lift up your head
And keep on trying
Even though sometimes they chase you with a knife in their own palm
Keep on running
And don't turn your back

Reach our hands
And also,because of Allah
Our hearts are willing to hug you and take you away from them

Allah knows everything that we don't know
Allah knows that you are all worn out
Allah knows you are tired

But then,
To reach His Paradise,
We just have to face all of those obstacles

Know that Allah is watching us
Ask for His help
Surely,He will listen
He will .

I promise you babe,
He will .

He is The One and Only Love
That won't disappoint us  .

Remember that babe
Because you are the girl who is on fire


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