End Up Here

Everyone was looking at the front gate
It was a bizarre morning
I combed my hair with my fingers
As my eyes were watching a figure
Whom everyone was watching

They were amazed by your look
But you didn't care about them
Your walking style seemed so perfect
I noticed that .
You were going to get me

How did we end up talking,in the first place ?
When those handsome guys were dying for your attention

You said you liked my Cobain shirt
But I guessed my mom bought it from a bundle shop
You said you liked my hair
But I guessed I combed it with my fingers only

My friends told me I should lock you in my palm
They told me you would run away
But then you pulled me out of the crowd and said
You were here to stay

How did we end up like this ?
When I wasn't good enough for you

Then you said you liked me for who I was

5 Seconds Of Summer - End Up Here


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